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pulley hjul-token-road/cross-1729R7-alu-sort-12/19-tbt/alm

SHURIKEN Oversized Pulley System
For Shimano 105

Cage plate: Aluminium
Pulley wheel: 12T upper, 19T lower
CNC AL7075 anodized
Bearing: TBT upper, Premium lower
Hardware: Anodized AL7075 bolt, hardened steel axle
RD Compatibility: Shimano R7000
Drivetrain capacity: 16T (chainring) + 23T (cassette)
Lowest (largest) cog: 34T
Colour: Black


Vejl. pris: 1.779,00DKK 1.779,00DKK

We all know that rear derailleur is the key component which differentiate drivetrain performance the most, the best shift precision and durability can only be found on the very top model regardless of their generation. The new Shuriken TK1729R7 is designed to brake the rule, it brings not just efficiency here - it also dramatically improves the shifting precision and durability, thanks to the smooth bearings and purpose-specific tooth profile that can be found on all Shuriken pulleys. The bearing in the top pulley which spins faster is TBT ceramic, adding smoothness to where really matters. It's even lighter than a stock long cage with plastic pulleys, sounds interesting?

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