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pulley hjul-token-all-1759xs/AXS-alu-sort-15/19-tbt


SRAM 12 sp e-tap AXS

Cage plate: Carbon fiber
Pulley wheel: 15T upper, 19T lower
Max. 33T
CNC AL7075 with PVD coating
Bearing: TBT
Hardware: Anodized AL7075 bolt, hardened steel axle
RD Compatibility: SRAM e-tap AXS
Colour: Mat Carbon
Vægt: 60 g

Vejl. pris: 2.599,00DKK 2.599,00DKK

Better Performance:

- Patented Conti-Wave machining : Reduce contact area between the teeth and chain inner plates by 82.5%

- Patented TBT Bearings

- Unique Titanium Coating Pulley for 43.3% less friction than anodized.

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