pulley hjul-token-road-1724-alu-sort-12/14-tbt

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Road Oversized Pulley Set
Token Pulley wheel: 12T upper, 14T lower
Lejer: TBT
Vægt: 22,9
Compatibility: Shimano R9100, R9150(elec.), R8000, R8050(elec.).

Both long (GS) and short (SS) cages are supported.
SRAM all 11-speed models are supported. 12-speed models are not supported
All Campagnolo models are NOT supported.
Note: Slight derailleur sdjustment may be needed to achieve optimal performace. Check before your first ride!

pulley hjul-token-road-1724-alu-sort-12/14-tbt

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The TK1724 Shuriken pulley is the easiest member of the Shuriken family but it's not as easy as it looks - light, smooth and precise. Available in both TBT ceramic and Premium versions, the TBT version pulleys are PVD coated for long-lasting extra smoothness.


CONTI-WAVE machining reduces chain noise as it minimizes the contact surface against the chain.


As your chain enters the rear derailleur at various angles, the Conti-Wave tooth profile designed for the lower pulley ensures smooth pulley-and-chain engagement regardless of gear position. The continuous chamfer form on the tooth edges reduces the contact area between the teeth and chain inner plates by 82.5%, and increases the efficiency even further while guiding the chain perfectly.